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Sponsors, Exhibitors, Golfers and Spectators!Golf Day Poster KPL 2016
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 2nd Summerhill Prep School Golf Challenge.

For those who have not been involved in the past, here is a brief background of the event hosted by Summerhill Preparatory School: Our school is a self-funded, multi racial, pre-primary and preparatory independent school situated just outside Hazyview on the Sabie road in Mpumalanga. The school operates as a community provider to the farming community, residential townships and surrounding rural area. The school was founded in 1998 by a group of concerned parents who realised that if they were to prepare and equip their children with the skills necessary to succeed in the new South Africa, they would have to create a facility which would enable these goals to be achieved. A property was donated and the school buildings erected by the parents. A spectacular sports field and tennis court has been built from previous fundraisers, however the school is growing and we are planning future developments! New classrooms form part of the proposed upgrades of the school’s facilities.

This annual event has inspired the ongoing success and development  of this independent school. 

To make an event like this possible we have to rely on sponsors, and by the nature of the event, each sponsor is offered an excellent, far reaching marketing platform to expose their brand. 



1ST PRIZE:        Willem and Karel
2ND PRIZE:        Kobus and Steyn
3RD PRIZE:        JP and CMC
4TH PRIZE:        Francois and Della
5TH PRIZE:        Johan and Rodney
6TH PRIZE:        Hein and Deysel
7TH PRIZE:        Wayne and Deon
8TH PRIZE:        Henry and Mike
9TH PRIZE:        Vicks and ben
10TH PRIZE:      McQueen and Eugene
11TH PRIZE:      Dave and Marlene
12TH PRIZE:      Adam and Coco
13TH PRIZE:      Smith and Langdon
NEAREST TO THE PIN ON 5 / 14:        Willem
NEAREST TO THE PIN ON 7 / 16:        Marcel
LONGEST DRIVE MEN 8 / 17:             Willem
LONGEST DRIVE LADIES 9 / 18:          Bev
NEAREST TO THE PIN 2 ON 9 / 18:      Karel
LADIES:                Marlene
LADIES:                Melaney
MOST GOLF:          Erica and Vera

Event Co-ordinators: Summerhill PA (Parent Association)

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Summerhill Prep School Tel: (013) 737-8222/3